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Readers have spoken and we have listened. ISO is proud to launch our improved digital news experience loaded with your favourite articles and up-to-date content. Check it out today on!

Bringing you news and stories in digital-first format, visitors are promised a richer content experience and closer connection to the world of International Standards. In addition to the latest news on ISO and standards, you’ll see more ISO member stories, interviews with experts and in-depth focus pieces.

Explore content by tags, topic pages and related articles. It’s a great way to keep track of the most relevant themes such as health, innovation, technologies and business. And if you’d like to access another language, just click on our language editions for features available in French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

The fully responsive and beautifully curated design means that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere – and on any device. Be sure to visit regularly as we will continue to develop and bring new content types and features to you in the coming months.

“We are excited to transform how we deliver content to our audiences, so more people can learn about and engage with ISO’s work and our vision for making lives easier, safer and better. The events of the last year have emphasized the need and growing desire for content that is available and accessible no matter where you are, so we are confident that this digital-first format for ISO-related content will improve what we offer our existing audiences and help to usher in new readers and viewers,” shared Vanessa Von der Mühll, Head of Communications and Marketing at ISO.

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